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How Does "Better Than Greens" Compare to Other Green Food Supplements?


"Better Than Greens" is much more than just a green food supplement. It does contain greens, but also a variety of whole, organic " super" grains (Organic Amaranth, Organic Brown Rice, Organic Flax Seed & Organic Millet). The vast majority of Americans are not eating whole grains, and even less are eating these " super" grains. It has long been known that grains are the " staff of life" . It is also a fact that different grains contain different nutrients. Therefore we combine four " super" grains with one " super" green (Spirulina).

As far as taste goes, 95% of our customers tell us that " Better Than Greens" tastes much better than what they are drinking.

"Better Than Greens" not only builds the immune system, it also detoxes the liver. It contains 160mg of standardized Milk Thistle Extract – the best liver-cleansing/rebuilding herb there is! Your liver cleans your blood, and in order to be healthy you must have good, clean blood.

Price – Absolutely No Comparison! "Better Than Greens" comes in 20 oz. containers. We recommend that you take 3 Tabs/day and at that rate, one canister will last you 26 days, almost a month. Many people take only 1 Tab. a day, so their canister lasts them nearly 3 months! Compare that to the competition and you will be amazed! In most cases, ounce for ounce, "Better Than Greens" will cost significantly less.

"Better Than Greens" – the ONLY Organic Whole Food Supplement that contains Allicin on the Market! Everyone knows the benefits of garlic, but not everyone knows the power of Allisure® Allicin. Here are the Proven Pharmacological Activities of Allicin: Thins the blood; reduces blood pressure; kills microscopic organisms; kills poisonous bacteria; kills parasites; kills fungal infections; kills viruses; reduces high blood cholesterol; removes lead, mercury and other toxic material; reduces or prevents cancer tumors; scavenges and removes dangerous free radicals; delays aging; repairs the immune system; keeps blood circulation healthy; reduces blood fibrinogen; reduces blood platelet clumping.

Allicin has proven effective with drug resistant bacteria’s. Allicin can protect your family from viral diseases spreading across the World.

Because we are buying the Allimax in large amounts for the "Better Than Greens" , it come out to just a few cents per serving! That is much less than it costs in capsules.

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