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Better Than Greens – is much more than just a green food supplement

logoBetter Than Greens not only contains Super Greens, it ALSO contains Organic Super Grains (Organic Amaranth, Organic Brown Rice, Organic Flax Seed & Organic Millet). The vast majority of Americans are not eating whole grains, and even less are eating these ” super” grains. It has long been known that grains are the ” staff of life” . It is also a fact that different grains contain different nutrients. Therefore we combine four ” super” grains with one ” super” green (Spiraling).

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"I wanted to share this with you....I went to the doctor and had something called Biophotonic testing, which tells you how well your vitamins are working for you, and my results were 44,000. The doctor had not heard of anyone with a score this high before. The chart only goes to 40,000. The only thing it could be as far as I can tell would be the BTG's .I only take 1 T/per day and have not been taking it for very long.

Just thought you might be interested in knowing this. Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!"

Teresa Steadman IDAHO

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